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win the game.

If you want to crush the competition, then you need to read Edge: The Art of Ruthless Competition. You’ll learn exactly what it takes to win – and nothing will stop you from achieving your goals.

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The VR Esports Beginners Guide

VR esports is a world that exists on the frontier of technology and entertainment. Although it's been around since 2017, the scene has only become a viable niche for businesses and consumers in the last few years.

Since it's new territory for many people, Theta has put together a guide to get you up to speed on the hardware, games and leagues involved in the scene.

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A focus on the future of gaming

The work Theta does is at the intersection of three different domains:

Virtual Reality

Immersive technology is the future, for both gamers and businesses. Capturing value now, as the titans of technology start to gain interest in the "metaverse" and all the technologies it will built from, is of the utmost importance.

Competitive Gaming

Games are now a cultural force, and new frontiers are emerging all the time - particularly in competitive gaming/esports. Knowing how to navigate these spaces is now of vital importance to anyone who wants a piece of the future.

Digital Communities

With new technologies and new ways of playing games together, understanding communities built within platforms like Discord becomes a key skill for anyone who wants to be part of the next wave.

The Theta process

for building

value in gaming.

A simple, effective process for generating value in an ever-changing set of industries that can be brought to your next project.


Listen to the community

Gather feedback from the audiences that make these industries possible.


Build experiments

Quickly build and test ideas to gain traction amongst the target audience.


Make a go/no-go decision

Continue or shut it off based on quality data.



If a project survives the third step, optimize and scale.



Theta is an author who formerly competed in Onward (a VR esport) as a player, reaching #1 worldwide as a member of Mayhem. After retiring, he coached his own team, Tempo, to #8 in the world. Tempo was the first Onward team to ever go beyond the wildcard stage of the postseason in their first full season.

During his time as a competitor, he started ThetaVR, the most trusted channel in the Onward community. His book, Edge: The Art of Ruthless Competition is a comprehensive guide for competitors based on his extensive experience in competitive fields.

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